Why Help People Grow Food?

Because we’re trying to save the world.

Hi, I’m JC Jaress and my aim at Farm Fresh Home is to help people grow great-tasting, organic food at their homes, schools and workplaces. We design, install and maintain such food gardens for our families, friends and clients in the San Gabriel Valley here in California.

But how is a garden going to save the world?

Besides producing fresh, organic and local nutrient-rich produce, I believe that growing our own food is the single most impactful thing one can do to enrich our health, the health of our families and the health of our planet.

Here’s a link to some farmers, scientists and agencies (including the United Nations), who agree with me.

Growing our own food changes everything

  • Soil building and plant growth help remove carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Nutrient-rich, chemical-free food is essential to the health of the mind and body.
  • We never use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.
  • Food grown at home reduces transportation costs and our reliance on oil.
  • Gardens can produce soil while industrial farming contributes to soil erosion.
  • Gardens provide a safe haven for pollinators (bees, butterflies and birds).
  • Growing vegetables uses less water than irrigating a grass lawn.
  • Growing food teaches children to be generative and self-reliant.
  • Gardens invite us to slow down and reconnect with the processes of life.
  • Homegrown and farm fresh foods taste great!

OK, but aren’t gardens a lot of work?

Yes, they are. And that’s why we started Farm Fresh Home, because we understand that no matter how much we might want to do a good thing, and no matter how beneficial that thing may be, there are limits to what any of us can accomplish in a day.

Most people just don’t have the time to maintain a garden. Some people lack the know how. And others simply don’t have the tools, inclination or ability to garden.

Farm Fresh Home makes having your own garden easy.

We design, install and maintain a garden specifically to grow the foods that you and your family select from our seasonal plantings. We grow all of our own starts and sprouts directly from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Missouri. They are good people who span the globe collecting seeds that have been passed down from generation to generation. Beautiful, robust and tasty varieties of all your favorite produce that you’ll never find in a store or market.

We fill your garden with healthy, great-tasting vegetables and fruit and all you have to do is reap the rewards.

Say YES to saving the world, Start a garden today.


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“…growing our own food is the single most impactful thing one can do to enrich one’s health, the health of one’s family and the health of our planet.”