Some Big Folks
in Support of Small Farms

 With the right investments, smallholders can feed a growing planet while at the same time restoring degraded ecosystems and reducing agriculture’s carbon footprint. 

 – United Nations News Centre 

“How we choose to eat today creates the landscape our children will inherit.”

– Joel Salatin
Polyface Farm, VA

 “Once our personal connection to what is wrong becomes clear, then we have to choose: we can go on as  before,  recognizing our dishonesty and living with it the best we can, or we can begin the effort to change the way we think and live.

– Wendell Berry
“The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture”

“We have created a worldview in which we pretend we are separate from nature even though industrial man depends more and more on the resources of nature.”

– Dr. Vandana Shiva, International Forum on Globalization

“…that’s a really powerful and transformative experience to spend time in creation. It just resets your priorities, helps you see what’s really going on in the bigger world.”

– Curtis Millsap
Millsap Farm, MO

 Wake Up Before It’s Too Late: Make Agriculture Truly Sustainable Now for Food Security in a Changing Climate

 – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development